SAAM competition 06/19/2021

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This quiz was scheduled to start on 6/19/2021 at 09:00 AM.



Mathematics, Nigeria, Competition questions, Senior Secondary, Competition, JAMB, WAEC


15 questions in 60 minutes

Update 06/19/2021: Thanks to all who participated in this quiz. As per the rules, no one made the cutoff mark of 80%. This competition will be rerun on July 17th at the same time. The person with the highest score of 43% should send an email to with his/her answer to the first question to get a token for coming in first place. The Samuel Ademola Adeladan Mathematics (SAAM) prize was created to recognize and reward exceptional senior Nigerian Secondary School Students in the field of applied Mathematics. We believe that our nation's problems can be solved by finding innovative technical solutions based on a strong foundation of scientific knowledge and its ingenious application. Eligibility - Must be Nigerian and must be less than 18 years old AND - Must currently be enrolled in a Nigerian Secondary School AND - Must hold a valid school or government ID. Rules - This quiz will be available on Saturday, June 19th between 10am and 11am. - Register on this platform and make sure you can take this sample quiz ( - The duration of the quiz will be exactly 1 hour. - It will consist of 10 (ten) multipart Mathematics questions. - To be eligible for the cash prize, contestant must make a minimum score of 80%. - The top three winners will be chosen based on their score on the quiz. If there is a tie, the time taken to finish the quiz will be used as the tie breaker i.e if two contestants both score 80% and one finishes 1 minute before the other, the one that finishes first will be ranked higher. - Cash prizes will be awarded as follows - 1st prize : 100,000 Naira - 2nd prize : 50,000 Naira - 3rd prize : 25,000 Naira - The administrators of the exam will contact the top three participants after the exam to confirm their eligibility and remit their prizes. Please ensure that you have a valid account to which to transfer money to.