3rd grade spelling bee words- Play the sounds and spell the words

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2.9 Minutes
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9 - 10 mins
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Spelling Bee, Competition questions, 3rd Grade, English Language


10 questions in 10 minutes

zone, clasp, boxcar, roar, graze, pesky, return, fetch, thorn, fancy, rinse, vanish, escape, alien, nutmeg, glinting, radio, wheels, darling, hutch, awful, muster, padlock, welcome, platform, spiral, rafters, illness, tablet, wailing, blanket, thrilling, jacket, rambling, harvest, agog, shudder, cartoon, dither, rodents, compost, lizard, voice, cosmic, liberty, pirate, dumplings, promise, excellent, cheddar, insect, scale, crept, speak, carving, oval, purse, mossy, cattle, offer, hairpin, clipper, marsh, shabby, hushed, manner, scraped, impact, breeze, standoff, narrow, lazily, primers, marbles, tennis, world, kettle, shelves, crumpled, mailboxes, perhaps, nannies, button, alley, sprinkle, complete, diaper, transporting, lukewarm, violet, castle, bicycle, village, promptly, matron, produce, horrid, invitation, faucet, enormous